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John Vincent Lonsberg
Honorary Advisor
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Baker Botts
Saudi Arabia
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Mr John Vincent Lonsberg is an Honorary Advisor with respect to Saudi Arabia. Mr Lonsberg also works in Dubai UAE. He has been engaged in an international transaction, regulatory and dispute resolution practice since 1979. He has extensive experience in the Middle East where he has been resident since 1980, including in Saudi Arabia for a period of ten years. He has also practiced throughout Asia and Europe since the mid-1980’s. John’s commercial practice concentrates on international commercial transactions, including the negotiation of strategic alliances in the aerospace, petrochemical and technology industries in the Middle East, Asia and Europe. He also advises international and Middle Eastern clients on matters relating to the establishment of joint ventures, distribution arrangements, and the regulation of business activities, including the satisfaction of foreign investment, local law and fiscal requirements. John has also represented many clients in connection with international dispute resolution, whether conducted locally in courts in the Middle East or pursuant to foreign arbitration. Subsequent to the 1991 Gulf War, John led a multidisciplinary team of over 150 international and Kuwaiti professionals (attorneys, accountants and engineers) that advised, prepared and resolved approximately $100 billion of claims for the Government of Kuwait against Iraq relating to the invasion and occupation of Kuwait. The claims were argued before the United Nations Compensation Commission in Geneva. John also represented Kuwait and Saudi Arabia before that forum in addressing each country’s environmental claims against Iraq arising from the first Gulf War. John has authored numerous articles and spoken at a variety of conferences on matters relating to international business and U.S. trade regulatory issues.