iBNex membership applicants are carefully scrutinized by our Membership Committee.  To apply for membership, please carefully read the following membership level descriptions and apply for the class of membership appropriate to you.  Membership levels available for application are Full Members, Fellow Members, Executive Affiliate Members and Affiliate Members. All applications are subject to approval by our Membership Committee.  Please allow one to two weeks for iBNex to review your application.  Successful applicants will be notified by email.

Senior Fellow Members and Honorary Advisors are appointed by iBNex Membership Committee.  These two classes of membership cannot be simply applied for.

For full descriptions of our membership levels, please read HERE.

Full Member
Full Membership is available to all associates and assistant lawyers in legal practice (regardless of years of experience), as well as partners, legal consultants and corporate counsels with less than 7 years of legal practice experience
Fellow Member
Fellow Membership is available for application by all law firm partners, consultants, corporate counsels, academia in law schools, chartered arbitrators with at least 7 years of experience in legal practice. It is to recognize leading lawyers who have demonstrated excellence in their respective practice areas with outstanding performance.
Affiliate Member
Affiliate Membership is available to legal trainees, legal executives, junior accountants, as well as other non-legal professionals who also aspire to connect with leading lawyers.
Executive Affiliate Member
Executive Affiliate Membership is available to corporate executives, business owners, bankers, fund managers, senior accountants and other non-legal professionals of executive or managerial role.