About iBNex – International Leading Lawyers Network

The “Belt and Road” Initiative raised by China has led the global economy to new dimensions. This initiative, as an active exploration for a new model of international cooperation and global collaboration, has brought about global developments in economy, culture and has facilitated regional cooperation.

Professional services, in particular legal services, are of pivotal importance in safeguarding the Belt and Road Project. The building of international economic cooperation such as a new Eurasian Continental Bridge, setting up of a safe and unimpeded maritime channel, and the promotion of infrastructure constructions, international trades, transactional investments, energy resources cooperation, shipping finance, etc., all require the support of solid and sound legal infrastructure to enhance economic efficiency, buttress long-term sustainable growth and development.

Why iBNex?

Since 2013, regional cooperation among legal professionals in the Belt and Road countries have grown from strength to strength. Nevertheless, many legal professionals still feel the need to further branch out, seeking collaboration partners with commensurate experience, matching expertise and practice areas, with similar visions to expand their network with personal growth and development.  The founders of this network are reputable lawyers of their respective regions who understand such concerns and would like to make a breakthrough. We have spoken to many lawyers in the region who eagerly look for opportunities to branch out but lack in resources to identify the right persons to establish collaboration.

Our Vision

We understand that there is a growing need to establish an international platform to connect likeminded individuals who are eager to:-

  • bolster joint cooperations and business alliances
  • reach out to their counterparts to learn new skills
  • get to know different legal markets
  • build a convenient and efficient platform of communications
  • construct a network of able professionals
  • eventually lead to the establishment of international legal services network

Welcome to iBNex. We are here to connect.


Admission to membership would enable to you unparalleled access to a highly acclaimed network of quality lawyers across the globe and in particular the Belt and Road Region.

iBNex organizes regular events across the regions to entrench personal growth and development of members, ensure sufficient networking opportunities are given to enable members to get to meet together, to share and exchange latest market information and explore business collaborations.

iBNex also organizes visits to trade and business associations, financial institutions, appropriate business organizations, to enable members to branch out.
Members are welcome to contribute research papers on any particular topic on the legal environment of any particular market.

Our Annual Conference, to be held in Hong Kong next year, would gather all talents from across the region with leading figures in the industry to share and exchange ideas, planning future collaborations, to meet and greet new and old friends.

Members who are interested to host the Annual Conference or any seminars in their region are welcome to contact our Events Team for further discussions.

To find out more about iBNex membership, please visit HERE.

Public and media exposure
Our network and media services feature interested members who would like to share in-depth knowledge and experience with our members and the wide readership. Our media partners have distribution networks to major law associations, business associations and unions, financial institutions and consulting agencies in the Belt and Road Regions. Hence, our members would benefit from the media exposure and reports to reach out to new clients, businesses and potential partners in new markets.

Press Release
28-08-2017 | Appointment of iBNex Regional Honorary Advisors 2017-18 (English version) (Chinese 简体中文 & English version)